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Numoligorh Refinery Limited (NRL)

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Numoligarh Refinery LimitedNumoligorh Refinery Limited  (NRL) is located in Golaghat District of Assam. Lt. Former Prime Minister of India Shree A B vajpayee inaugurated Numoligarh refinery limited in the year of 1999. Since 1999 Numoligarh refinery playing a major rule to growth of economy of India. Numoligorh Refinery Limited is joint venture project between BPCL, Assam Govt and OIL.

The Numoligarh Refinery Limited is a well growing Industry of Assam. Numoligarh Refinery limited Shortly NRL, every year makes opportunity for peoples. NRL is the main source of earning and livelihood for many peoples of nearest area. nearest peoples of NRL often want to engage themselves in NRL only. As well as NRL doing such good things for local peoples. NRL strongly take care of the local peoples and their needs. As well as NRL working for education, rural area development.

Nearest peoples really feel blessed, as they has industry like NRL in their door step. Numoligarh Refinery Limited  gives scholarship to nearest students for their further study. Recently NRL send many students to Bangalore for skill development training, this is very well step taken by NRL for nearest residence. The view of NRL is really beautiful, specially in nights NRL looks like a lighting city.

Numoligar Refinery Limited

NRL deals with Refining of OIL, Wax making etc. 3 metric ton Oil Produce in NRL Every Year.

Ok now going to give you small introduction of  TOWNSHIP:

NRL TOWNSHIP is a very very amazing place, if you visit Golaghat District then don’t forget to visit NRL Township once. This is place is specially made of NRL employees and their families. Almost every facilities are available in Township. As Example: Delhi Public School Numaligarh, Vivekananda Kendra NRL Hospital, The Butterfly valley etc.

Numoligarh refinery limited

There are playground facility inside the NRL Township. ATM facility is also available inside the Township. Almost all daily needs are available inside the Township.

From some years NRL has been conducting Marathon in various category. Peoples from every where of the world come and participate.