Students Corner

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Students Corner:  In this section we Assam Career Point team will be providing students with all kinds of information on how we will be able to help you. In this section, we included the digital library as a medium of providing various raw materials to the students at the doorstep. Digital library has two sub-parts –

Students Corner has—

  EXAM wise            BOARD wise 

(1) Exam wise

(2) Board wise

In the exam wise section Assam career Point will do some decoration on it so that it will make it a little easier for the students to access the website, this is to make the students comfortable and helpful on our website, they will get all the raw materials to prepare for any kind of exam. While preparing for an exam the students won’t have to worry about the raw materials as Assam career Point will provide them. The point view of Assam career point is very wide and so we are trying our best to cover all the needful things that the students require. The digital counter section of Assam career point is a digital library for students where learners can easily access anytime with free of cost.

The two parts as mentioned above- exam wise and board wise. In exam wise corner the students will get all kinds of exam question papers (old question paper), model paper, and also some tips for strong exam preparation by our experts. The Assam Career Point will conduct a mock test every week where students can check their progress. We actually want to deal with the problems that students normally face during their